Mental Health Housing & Support

Specific Needs

We believe that comprehensive mental health housing and support is best achieved through fulfilment of an individuals specific needs. By ensuring individuals are fully assessed prior to being offered a placement, we can identify your requirements and determine how best to meet these.

Overall we aim to equip individuals with the necessary skills needed to live as independently as possible. Our team are able to do this through building on strengths and improving any weaknesses no matter what they are. 

Types of Support

We believe that in order to achieve successful outcomes, each person has a complete right to make a choice about the type of life that they want to live and the support they need to get there. 

Our staff are highly skilled and trained to be able to support individuals with numerous conditions. This includes Schizophrenia, Personality Disorder, Depression, Anxiety, Bipolar Disorder, Substance Misuse and more.

Staff at Twyford Support and your dedicated Key-Worker can offer:

  • 24 Hour on call service to help keep everyone safe

  • Support to develop coping strategies specific to your needs

  • Support to establish communication skills and appropriate behaviour

  • Helping people to build confidence and self-esteem by developing hobbies and interests

  • Helping to adhere to tailored and user specific support plans

  • Helping with the transition to our service by liaising with relatives and carers

  • Building positive relationships with service users and the community

  • Help with essential skills such as managing correspondence, cooking, cleaning and managing finances

  • Help with socialising and making a positive contribution to the local community

  • Help with accessing any services relating to education, training and employment

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Mental Health Housing Specialist Intervention

Our aim is to take a holistic approach towards improving the physical and mental health of everyone. We do this through the involvement of various professionals who are experts in their field and are committed to making a change.

We recognise that having a mental illness can increase your chance of developing other illnesses such as cardiovascular, respiratory and endocrine problems, for instance diabetes. This is why our support pharmacist is committed to work alongside other health professionals to conduct physical health checks and improve health and wellbeing. 

In cases where compliance is an issue, arrangements can be made for service users to obtain medication in dosette boxes. Experienced staff will ensure that service users attend regular reviews with their GP as well as hospital appointments and annual blood tests. 

Individuals will receive personalised one to one reviews that involve:

  • Managing personal care and medication compliance

  • Discussions to identify any side effects or interactions to medications

  • Help to understand medication regimes

  • Help to avoid any incorrect administration or dosage of medicines

  • Identifying any reasons for poor adherence and work on ways to improve this

  • Improve health through smoking cessation, promoting exercise and weight reduction

  • Managing nutrition and diet and promoting healthy living

  • Help to manage morbidities like diabetes and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease

  • Improving compliance to medicines

  • Responding to new symptoms that may occur

  • Advise and help treat any minor ailments

Staff at our supported living service may also perform additional duties, although such tasks are limited within the boundaries of their legal and operational responsibilities. 

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Contact Information

Phone: 01332 238491

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