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Twyford Support Mental Health Supported Housing is a service dedicated to improving the quality of life for individuals with mental health difficulties by helping them to reach stability and move towards an independent and positive lifestyle. Our support is focused towards being able to equip people from different backgrounds with the skills, confidence and capability to maintain a healthy future. 

Our understanding that each person’s needs are unique means that any support offered is tailored to help them achieve their own goals freely and at a pace that suits them. Our team is comprised of Mental Health Support Workers, Housing Managers and an Advanced Clinical Practitioner with invaluable experience improving health outcomes and achieving stability for all.

We recognise that having a mental illness can increase your chance of developing other illnesses such as cardiovascular, respiratory and endocrine problems, for instance diabetes. This is why our Advanced Clinical Practitioner and Independent Prescriber is committed to work alongside other health professionals to conduct physical health checks and improve health and wellbeing.

We pride ourselves in maintaining continuous progression to meet high standards in Supported Living Mental Health. We create a safe and enjoyable atmosphere and maintain an active involvement in helping the service users to achieve their cultural, intellectual, physical and social interests. We believe that by building relationships based on mutual respect and trust we can help adults with mental health difficulties to offer a positive contribution in to the wider community and work towards a stable future. 

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